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Make a lasting impression with custom embroidery designs that can be placed on shirts, bags, headwear, uniforms and a variety of other apparel products.
Contrary to popular belief, vinyl isn’t just for t-shirts. It can be used on a number of different types of fabric-based products including hats, bags, and jeans.
Add a bit of dazzle or a cool design to your apparel products with our rhinestone and screen printing services. We work hard to bring your creative vision to life. 
Welcome to CKE Embroidery, one of the leaders in personalizing promotional goods, giveaways and gifting items since 2002!
For almost a couple of decades now, we have been offering top-notch embroidery and screen printing on various items for all occasions and needs. Custom embroidery Las Vegas businesses, companies, organizations and other types of customers are looking for come with many advantages as they are: 
• Highly professional looking
• Extremely versatile

Washable like the items they're on Here are CKE Embroidery, it's not just everyone's customized embroidering needs that can be availed, but also tailor-made screen printing! Just like embroidery, there's an assortment of perks that come with screen printing:
• Limitless design possibilities
• Budget-friendly rates

Design size is irrelevant to the price Both embroidery and screen printing can be done on a wide variety of fabric types.

We customize an impressive array of fabric-based goods ranging from hats, aprons to bags
If you want something tailor-made to your particular need or liking, we can do it! Getting in touch with us is the first step to take on order to get your hands on professionally-made traffic-stopping designs
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What We Do 

CKE Embroidery, one of the leading experts in the creation of promotional products Las Vegas locals are looking for! Since 2002, the company has been around providing local businesses, companies and organizations with their product customization needs. Practically anything that needs to be branded in a highly professional and truly attention-grabbing way, we can brand. We specialize in embroidering all kinds of apparel products and also various fabric-based goods, ranging from towels, aprons, hats to bags. A lot of people are intimidated by opting for tailor-made embroidered designs and logos because of the steep cost associated with it.
Our Commitment

Well, there's no need for the budget-conscious in you to fret! That's because the more items you wish to personalize with our professional and eye-catching embroidery, the more reasonably priced every single product gets! Just because we're called CKE Embroidery doesn't mean that embroidering is all that we do. If truth be told, we're also known for expert screen printing Las Vegas customers are looking for.

Are you ready to impress your customers? 

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Aside from our professional and eye-popping embroidery and screen printing designs, we are also admired for our unbeatable rates and fast turnaround time - the waiting game is a game that we don't play!